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2016 is DDI’s ten year anniversary, totaling 18 years as a Phase One specialist
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Pre-owned-Cambo-1200-camera-body From £1395.00 Plus VAT

New Features

Pre-owned mint condition Cambo WRS 1200 body

Wide RS-Body incl. double rear shift

(25/15 - 20/20 mm)Body package includes

softcase, 2 black handgrips, cable release, 5 spirit levels, New Arca mounting base  and LED light

Call Direct Digital Imaging today to order your Pre-owned-Cambo-1200-camera-body on:-

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Pre-owned Cambo WRS 1200

DDI Pre-owned Offer price £1395.00 plus vat & shipping

Body package includes softcase, 2 black handgrips, cable release, 5 spirit levels, Arca mounting base  and LED light

The Wide RS body is for those photographers looking for something more compact than the Wide DS, but still in need of the image-placement shift movements.

This exciting addition to the Cambo Wide family features both lateral and vertical shift movements of the rear standard, hence the name RS. The movements are driven by accellerated spindle gears, these precision-geared controls provide architectural photographers with many of the image-placement movements they require, while giving digital photographers the ability to create amazing vertical and horizontal panoramic images through stitching several exposures together.

Additionally many of the Lenspanels can optionally be acquired with a Tilt-Swing possibility, to add Scheimpflug settings for increased depth of field, in both horizontal as vertical plane. 

Like the other Cambo Wide models, the RS features interchangeable interfaces for Phase One digital backs P+, IQ1, IQ2 & IQ3. Mounts are available for Hasselblad V, Hasselblad-H, PhaseOne/Mamiya 645DF and Contax 645AF compatible camerabacks.

In order to accomplish nearly any architectural or landscape assignment, the Wide RS accepts the full range of WDS lens panels that incorporate the Schneider Digitar and Rodenstock Digital lenses. Choose from focal lengths ranging from 23mm up to 150mm and more on request.     The Wide RS 1200 body weighs just 1.0 kg (2.2 lbs.) and is as compact as 160mm (6.3") x 165mm (6.5"). It comes with a double anodised aluminium for steady shooting, and built-in spirit levels for fast and accurate setups. The removable tripod mount is 3/8" thread. Removing the tripod mount block reduces the height of the camera to only 140mm.  

To increase the comfort you can add the WRS-333 tripod block with built-in levelling base, rotating mount and accessory spigot mount. A removable cable release is included with the camera and can be placed either through the left or right handgrip by choice for hand-held shooting. Whether you use it on a tripod or hand-held for more spontaneous shooting, the Wide RS camera will open up new photographic possibilities for you.

cambo wide RS with Phase One back

Key Features:

  • Small size 160 x 165mm (W x H) incl. handgrips and tripod mount
  • Lightweight only 1.0 kgs (excl. lens)
  • Horizontal shift 40 mm (20 mm left/20 mm right)
  • Vertical shift 40 mm (25mm / 15mm)
  • Stitching possibilities (2-way / 4-way)
  • Milimeter scales for movements
  • Movement indicators on rear sides
  • Compatible with WDS and Wide Compact
  • 2 integrated handgrips for steady holding
  • Removable cable release included
  • Removable 3/8" tripod mount (25 mm)
  • 5 spirit levels visible from top or bottom
  • Accessory mount for 2 point fixed accessories
  • Additional LED light included
  • Optional WTS Tilt-Swing Lenspanels
  • Optional Viewfinder
  • Optional Wooden handgrips
  • Optional Levelling Base with Accessory mount
  • Broad range of optics
  • Retrofitting of user lenses offered
  • Compact Softcase included
WRS shifts

Components needed to complete the solution

Digital back adapter plate

Digital Back Adapter plates

Phase One Technical camera cable P40+,P65+, IQ1, IQ2 & IQ3

Phase One wake-up cable or Kapture Group wake-up cable for P25+,P45+

Cambo accessories

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